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Fire and Smoke Damage Repair Homestead

Hiring a company which specializes in fire restoration and smoke damage is crucial, if you’re experiencing related problems. After a fire, acid soot residue and moisture can cause even further damage to your home – as well as its contents.

Smoke and soot can travel far, and even penetrate into other rooms in your stricture; affecting paint, drapes, clothing and family belongings which may be extremely valuable/irreplaceable. The consequences of a late, or inappropriate, repair response can be devastating to you and your property.

Whatever the type of fire you have encountered, you need to get your life back together again, quickly. You now have two problems though: “How to clean smoke and soot soiling” as well as the stubborn odors they seem to generate?

There are several different methods and techniques to accomplish this, but if you believe that the damage is simply too big to handle alone, why not give Water Damage Homestead a call? We will help you to expertly evaluate the damage and advise you if you need to call to your Insurance Company etc.

There are 4 kinds of basic smoke:

- Wet Smoke –this is generated at low heat; it’s sticky, smeary smoke webs can be very difficult to clean
- Dry Smoke - Very fast burning at very high temperatures
- Protein Smoke - Discolors paint and has an extremely strong odor
- Fuel oil soot - Furnace puff backs can be the cause of soot damage

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I have not worked with a business which wanted to please the client. Everyone I spoke with was professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I've told my neighbors and friends how pleased I had been throughout the entire process! I appreciate them very much.

- D. Reynolds

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