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Flood Damage Restoration & Flood Extraction Homestead

The scope of the cleanup required when dealing with water damage or flood damage restoration procedures may be much, much more than what is visible. Water pipes that burst or begin to leak in your house may go unnoticed for a long period of time.

Water damage can actually stem from a number of factors, including; a flooded basement from a faulty sump pump, leaking roofs, damaged water heaters or burst water pipes. Basement flooding is particularly common during, or after, a bad storm.

Water damage restoration and Flood damage procedures require immediate water removal and control to prevent or stop growth of mold and mildew, which can cause a large amount of biological contamination.

Although water is one of the most prevalent natural elements on the planet earth, it is surprisingly destructive, and can cause much damage to property. At first, the damage might not seem that bad, but the longer water sits, the more damage it does - ultimately creating harmful mold.

We understand completely, that time is of the essence in cases of flood damage. To prevent further hazards we emphasize how it’s important to perform immediate water removal and water damage cleanup. We possess the “best of breed” water removal and water damage restoration technology, and the utmost expertise in restoring any damaged structures back to normal.

Flood damage can tend to cause much more severe damage than just getting everything a little wet and squishy. Also, the possibility of mildew and mold growth is extremely high; which can further cause illness, and even death in certain severe cases.

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